2024 OGGF Scholarship Application Now Available

The 2024 OGGF College Scholarship Application is now available. Deadline to apply online is March 31, 2024. College scholarships are awarded on an annual basis and are based on the applicant’s qualifications. Scholarships will be awarded solely on the determination of a scholarship committee and will be presented at the annual OGGF Showcase in July. Click Here For More Information and the online application. Once again, we congratulate our 2023 Scholarship Recipients. Each of these outstanding young ladies was awarded an $1,000 college scholarship. Good Luck in school this year ladies! Ana Rumpel Calderon of Southern Local High School; Jordan Hemmelgarn of Coldwater High School; Karlie Kistler of Keystone High School; Christina Nagy of Nordonia High School; Emma Packard of Ashland High School; Kamil Stephens of Danbury High School; and Emily Williams of  Marysville High School. Winners of honorary named scholarships are Lauren Olenik (Lake Catholic High School), Maureen O’Brien Award; Jillian Gambino (Mayfield High School), Arrowsmith/Keim Award; Halle Ellis (Hoover High School), Teen Burke Award; and Kaitlin Kormuth (Solon High School), Patty Wood Award. Winners were formally honored during the OGGF High School Showcase Awards Dinner on July 31 at Avon Oaks Country Club. This year we received an historic number of applications from a group of very impressive young ladies. The annual scholarship is based on community service, extracurricular activities, academics and financial need. Over the past 30 years, the OGGF has awarded more than $140,000 to 130+ girls and counting!